Department 22 — Major Contests, Section 1 — Truck & Tractor Pulls

SUPERINTENDENT — Lucas Criswell 570-412-0706

ALL contestants participating in this department MUST sign a waiver of liability.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015, 6:30 PM — 4-Wheel Drive Pulls

ENTRY FEE — $10 per class      Mod Street Gas, 2.6 Diesel and Pro Stock ENTRY FEE — $15 per class
CONTACT — Matt Dersham 570-274-2027 and Terry Tanner 570-428-4712

PREMIUMS: $50 $40 $30 $20 $10 $10

22301 1 8,500 Pure Street Diesel
22302 2 6,500 Modified Street Gas
22306 3 8,050 2.6 Diesel
22304 4 6,800 Modified Street Gas
22303 5 8,050 Pro Stock Diesel
22305 6 8,500 Workstock 2.5 Diesel 4x4 Trucks
22300 7 6,500 Pure Street Gas

4-Wheel Drive Pulls

Street Gas and Diesel Rules

  1. No weights on front end or in cab. Weights must be secured on vehicle.
  2. All vehicles must have current license and inspection.
  3. Ring or clevis hitch set at 26” and 4” hole. No ball hitch.
  4. No modifications to engine except air cleaner and headers.
  5. Dual wheels okay. D.O.T. tires 36” maximum.
  6. No rigid suspension, bump stops, spring clamps or traction bars.
  7. 75 foot safety zone for changing anything.
  8. All hitches must be at the most rearward part of vehicle.
  9. Must have O.E.M. engine, interior and frame.
  10. Driver’s must have valid driver’s license.

8500 Workstock 2.5 Diesel 4x4 Trucks

Rules for 8500 Workstock 2.5 Diesel 4x4 Trucks are available online at

8500 Pure Street Diesel

  1. Must run factory size exhaust.  Must exit under truck behind rear tire or through bed vertically.  No hood stacks.
  2. Must pull off of factory Reese style hitch.  No pulling from bumper.
  3. May use aftermarket air intake.
  4. A total of three visual modifications allowed.
  5. Must run D.O.T tires.
  6. Must be licensed and inspected.
  7. No front end weights.  Weights must be securely fastened in bed.  No weights inside of cab or engine compartment.
  8. No propane, water injection or nitrous.
  9. No heavy front bumpers.  Lower front snow plow frame will be permitted.  Discretion of legal bumper is up to track official.
  10. 26" hitch height.
  11. No solid suspensions are permitted.  No traction bars are permitted.  Suspension must have a minimum of two inches of downward movement at all times.  No blocks are allowed between axle housing and truck frame that would restrict the necessary two inches of movement. 
  12. If a truck has airbags, the internal regulator must be disabled by either removing the hot wire to the compressor or removing the air line from the compressor.
  13. Transmission, transfer case and front and rear differentials must be O.E.M. and available in one ton (or smaller) pick-up trucks.
  14. Truck must be pure stock in appearance - the condition the truck left the showroom floor when purchased by first owner.  Bed floor, inner and outer skins must be O.E.M. or O.E.M. replacement material.  Design modifications to reduce weight are not permitted.  The wheelbase may not be changed from original manufacturer.  Wooden or metal flatbeds are permitted as long as the bed is built to specification similar or heavier to factory built flatbeds.
  15. Trucks may not be trailered in.

8050 2.6 Diesel

Rules for the 8050 2.6 Diesel truck class are available online at

8050 Pro Stock

Rules for the 8050 Pro Stock truck class are available online at

Modified Street Gas Rules

  1. Ring or clevis hitch set at 26” and 4” hole. No ball hitch.
  2. Must have O.E.M. driveline, frame and engine.
  3. Maximum tire size 36”. Dual wheels allowed.
  4. A recommendation of drive shaft loops - 2 per rear, 1 front.
  5. 75 foot safety zone for changing anything.